Questions about setting Compaq NC3131(OEM).

Brian Leeper
Wed Oct 13 23:12:07 1999

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Bernhard Kaindl wrote:

> I would like to use v1.09r as my standard eepro100 driver,
> has anyboy bad results with this this version?

I don't remember if I tried v1.09r (one of them just plain didn't work
with continual transmit timeout errors from the moment the interface was
turned up) but v1.09t + 2.2.11 (with tcp/ip memory leak patch) gave me two
kernel panics (after the machine had been running for about 12 hours)
before I put Tulip card into that machine. It never gave any transmit
timeouts, just the kernel panics. Would rather have trasmit timeouts, at
least the machine can be shut down cleanly :)