'Me too' on the transmit timeout, also need 1.05 driver

Andreas Vierengel andreas@Vierengel.de
Thu Oct 7 02:40:23 1999

> Incidently, we use 3com 3300 switches and NuSwitch (now Extreme Networks, I
> believe), as it seems from some of the recent discussion that certain switches
> *may* a factor in some problems.

They ARE. Even FD or HD influences the whole thing. Our networkprovider uses
SMC-Switches (don't know the exact model, because I've never seen it ...), but I
did get the infamous "transmit timed out..."-error after v1.05. Also versions
after 0.99B generated up to 50% collisions in FD on an 3Com 100MBit office-hub,
on which there were only 2 connected machines. Both Linux 2.0.36 with eepro100

My current configuration works in 100MBit, FD (NIC attached to a Switch) and
v1.05 ...

I didn't manage to reproduce it in different environement (brand of switch, HD
or FD, 10 or 100MBit, load factor).