'Me too' on the transmit timeout, also need 1.05 driver

Simon Andrew Boggis simon@dcs.qmw.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 10:25:18 1999

Not wishing to buck the trend or anything (:, but not wishing to leave the
impression that eepro100's and Linux are a completely foul idea:

I have been running a few machines with eepro100's (8559 chipset) for
several months with no apparent problems.

The longest lived machine (a router with 6 eepro100's) has been up for 100 
days under a reasonable (many Gb's per day) routing load on a 2.2.9 kernel 
(eepro100.c: v1.06). Whilst I occasionally (every 2 weeks or so) get a message
or two about a timeout the machine recovers by itself with no detectable glitch
in its operation (or the network). I have set the multicast filter limit to 3
as a precaution after reading the earlier discussions on this. I do use 
multicast a little: for xntp, gated updates and for the CAP Universal 
Appletalk Router. When I tried netatalk it didn't lock the machine up, but it
did stop working itselfi, whilst UAR causes no such problems for routing

Incidently, we use 3com 3300 switches and NuSwitch (now Extreme Networks, I 
believe), as it seems from some of the recent discussion that certain switches
*may* a factor in some problems.


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> Zivago 'Jaeman' Lee wrote:
> > 
> > My only solution was to go back to 2.0.37 using the stock 1.05 (i think)
> > driver and it works perfectly fine. I haven't gotten 2.2's to work at all
> > with these cards.
> replace eepro100.c from the 2.2.x tree with eepro100.c from 2.0.37 and compile
> the module again.
> --Andy