Latest Versions, kern 2.2 and kern 2.3

Mark Hagger
Tue Oct 5 10:24:26 1999

On Tue, 05 Oct 1999, Donald Becker wrote:> 
> The "kern-2.3" version will work with any kernel version.
> But you need the pci-scan.[ch] and k_compat.h support files.
> The "test" version will work with all but the very latest kernel versions.
> Everything you need to update is in the single driver file.

Ok, great I had thought that was probably the case.

I have now tried the eepro100-1.09t for kernel 2.3, but it only works
correctly as a module.  If I compile it into the kernel then on bootup the
kernel apparently picks up a large number of ethX devices, (eth0 to eth8 I
think), all of which are apparently EtherExpress cards!  Obviously this isn't
right, but the modular version has no such problems.  In fact when I tried this
on a machine with a second card in it (an SMC Epic100 as it happens) the Epic
card was never picked up properly, the spurious EtherExpress cards overrode it
it seemed.

Was I doing something odd?  Or is this a glitch that you know about?