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Osma Ahvenlampi
Mon Nov 22 05:06:52 1999

Andrew R. Baker <> writes:
> The only recent changes to the network configuration have been to change
> the default gateway & netmask. (from xxx.yyy.1.1/ to
> xxx.yyy.15.254/ and to add appletalk.

Adding appletalk was the key in your case, because it was probably the 
first service which caused multicast traffic to be routed to the
interface. The driver is notoriously bad at dealing with multicast
traffic, but fortunately you can work around the problem with the line 

options eepro100 multicast_filter_limit=3

in the /etc/conf.modules file. This will force the driver into
promiscuous mode before maintaining the hardware multicast filter
would start creating problems.

Now, since the machine in question is a dual-processor system, it
could be that this isn't enough. I can tell you though that it has
fixed the problem for me on 5 different uniprocessor systems with an
eepro100 card, three of which are Dell machines.

Osma Ahvenlampi