Anyone had trouble with wake-on-lan intel 10/100 chipsets?

Tue Nov 16 19:19:04 1999

    Hi all. I should start by saying that I appreciate all
the hard work Donald Becker and anyone else who's helped
him have done--it's great to have access to good drivers
for up-to-date boards. That said,  I've got a box I'm trying 
to get running Linux that doesn't want to work. It's got some 
sort of Intel 10/100 chipset (i82558-based, says Windows)
and I've tried a number of different drivers v1.09l and v1.09t 
specifically, and not been able to get eth0 up reliably at 
all--"Transmit timed out" errors come up when trying to 
do anything. The v1.09t version works for a few seconds but then 
doesn't work and just gives errors. I can and will provide lots 
of detail about my specific configuration, but first I thought 
I'd ask if this was a known problem or what people knew. This is 
an onboard chipset in an FIC Sahara 2000 computer with 
wake-on-lan features included (unfortunately). Any info 

- Bill