Solution: Transmit timeouts

B. James Phillippe
Wed Nov 10 03:03:13 1999


After experiencing the infamous "Transmit timed out" messages from
eepro100.c on Intel 82559 boards, Donald suggested I try the version 1.09t
from  I am
pleased to report that this test driver version cured all problems that I
had encountered.  In addition, I stress-tested this driver with a
"SmartBits" 100Mb throughput testing device.  With the new driver, the test
completed without a single "Transmit timed out" message.  With previous
drivers, the test results were dismal (and peppered with tx timeouts).
Here are the results for the new driver, on a PIII 550 running 2.0.36
CONFIG_M686, optimize as router, forwarding UDP packets in router (two
card) mode with i82559 boards:

Frame size	Pkts/sec	Mbits/sec
64		60680		31.0
128		56433		57.7
256		44883		91.9
512		23364		95.7
1024		11939		97.8
1280		9586		99.1
1518		8104		98.4

# bryan at terran dot org