Transmit timed out... (info)

Andrei Bulucea
Tue Nov 2 15:22:56 1999


Regaring the "Transmit timeout" error messages, here is some
information that might help (or not). (I am running kernel 2.2.12)

I have 3 machines configured the same on 3 networks. 2 out 3 machines
crash consistently, after few hours. However, the third machine has
been up and running for 5 days without a problem!

The only difference is that the *good* machine has a netmaks of, 
the rest use different netmasks ( and 

And get this: I had a machine crash while it *was not hooked up* to any
network. It simply hung with the "Transmit timeout error". Again, this
machine had a netmask. 

Hope this helps,