recompiling with v1.05

Mon May 10 10:06:40 1999


I have run into the problem of having the server lock up and die once a
week on a heavily loaded system due to the following problem:

May  8 18:02:37 reliant kernel: eth0: Transmit timed out: status 7048 command 0000.
May  8 18:02:37 reliant kernel: eth0: Trying to restart the transmitter...

I understand that my old eepro100.c driver v0.99B has the
multicast_filter bug and I should upgrade to the most recent driver.

I don't compile the kernel often, and am unclear as to whether it is
necessary to re-compile the entire kernel to include the new driver. I
currently have the driver compiled into the kernel instead of loading it
as a module.

I guess I was thinking I could compile just the driver and re-boot and
the current kernel would load the eepro100.o module?

Any clairications would be appreciated. I want to learn more about how
and when it is necessary to re-compile.

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