Intel 82559 support

Rahul Dave
Wed May 5 19:19:14 1999

Hello folks,
here is the issue:

The intel pricelist at

does not list the Intel® PRO/100+ PCI (PILA8460) any more,
and I could not find new stock at some online stores, leading me to
believe this card is being discontinued.

What is there on the site is:
Intel® PRO/100+ Management Adapter PILA8460B

This has a 82559, not a 82557/82558.
Its web page is at

Questtion is, does this beast work with the eepro100 driver

Secondly the Intel Server Adapter, mind you, not the 
Intel Intelligent server adapter with the i960, also seems to have
a 82559. Its web page is at:

The web page states that eepro-server is not supported. Does that include this
particular beast(i'm assuming here that 82559 is supported, something that
may be patently false) or only the "Intelligent server adapter, which has
its own web page at

Thanks a lot ,