I know its ugly but...

Thomas Mark King tom@dcs.qmw.ac.uk
Thu Mar 25 06:01:44 1999

Is there a way to load balance across two ethernet cards plugged into a 
100Mbs 3com switch, with/without port trunking on the switch.

According to the Intel PRO/100+ Dual Port Server card literature (couldn't 
they give it a catchier name?!?) the server cards (82558s) use adaptive 
load balancing for some operating systems, but this must be driver 
dependent. Anyone got a NDA from Intel and planning to exploit this?

eql really doesn't want to play ball, which is understandable.

Any other ideas?

Tom King
Systems Group
University of London

PS. No-one say a) buy a gigabit ethernet card b) ditto ATM :-)