eepro100 under 2.2 = :(

Simon Andrew Boggis
Tue Jun 8 20:17:43 1999

> On another note, is there any support yet for the Pro/100+ Management
> Adapter (82559)?  I was going to swap out the 100B and this new card happens
> to be the only spare network card around.
> Thanks for any help,
> -Andy Grundman

I am using 3 dual 82559's in an AMD K6400 Linux router (kernel 2.2.9) and the 
(1.0.6?) eepro100.c driver. No problems (at least noone has complained) so
far, except the well known netatalk/eepro trouble which I worked around
by using the universal appletalk router (UAR) instead of netatalk - it
uses raw sockets instaed of kernel DDP support, and seems to route fine
(again, so far) without any need for tweaking module options.


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