eepro100 frame errors with SMP

Langis, Richard
Thu Mar 11 19:46:55 1999

I'm no expert on anything, but I DO have a quad-processor system with one
Pro/100B and one Pro/100+, running kernel 2.2.0.  ifconfig shows no TX (or
RX, for that matter) errors.  cat /proc/pci shows latency at 128 for both
adapters.  Unfortunately I don't have a Cisco switch hooked up to this
machine - I had to give up our 5500 temporarily - so I don't have any data
from there, but everything is working fine.

I also have a dual-processor system running 2.2.2 with one proB and it shows
very low errors/collisions (under 5).

It's probably not the driver.


> Alan Cox wrote:
> > > >So what on your bus has a PCI latency set to 240/248 ? 8)
> > > 
> > > I have no idea what that means. Is this something I can 
> play with in /proc?
> > 
> > cat /proc/pci look at the Latency values - its how long 
> devices are allowed
> > to hog the PCI bus
> I suspect that it is the CPU (s) that is (are) hogging the system
> bus/memory.
> 				Roger.