Too much work at interrupt

Larry Craton
Tue Jan 12 18:25:33 1999

I recently upgraded a RedHat 5.1 system with three EE PRO 100B
boards to RH 5.2.  After the upgrade we've started getting the 
error message "Too much work at interrupt, status=0x4050" on one 
of the cards (with the v99B driver).  Usually this can be fixed 
by downing the cardand restarting.  But on three occasions over 
the last week this appears to have caused the system to actually 

I upgraded to the eepro100 v1.05 driver but the problem still 
occurs (usually 2-3 times day).  There are some oddities in this 
too.  The card that gets these errors is idle almost all the time.  
The other two eepro100 cards, which handle light to moderate traffic, 
never report this error.

This is a single processor machine (200Mhz Pentium Pro) using
a stock RedHat 5.2 Kernel (2.0.36 with their mods).  The
eepro100 driver is installed as a kernel module.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thanks, -L