transmitter problems, was: Re: your mail

Peter T. Breuer
Fri Feb 26 08:26:01 1999

"A month of sundays ago Daniel Veillard wrote:"
> > Are you also on a K6-2 system?  
> > I found someone else on the IRC with the same problem (and a K6-2).
> > I also have a pentium mashine with a identical card and it works perfect (it
> > also has an adaptec 2040uw).
>   Interesting, I got transmitter problems too on and it's
> a K6-2 also ... While I never got those on a bunch of others machines
> here running Pentiums or PII with the exact same card (and definitely
> less load too !). Basically all our PC machines here (W3C/MIT) use
> EEPro100 and a fair amount of them are running Linux.

No - the eeepro 100 dropouts  on the machine with the adaptec uw scsi
occur with a P200 classic (I'll have to bring the machine back up and survive
the earsplitting noise of its maxstor 8GB to check ... the disk is fairly
unreliable in that it keeps losing its partition table).

>   Daniel