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Fri Feb 26 05:26:51 1999

On 26-Feb-99 Peter T. Breuer wrote:
> "A month of sundays ago wrote:"
>> This the kernels i used is 2.0.36, 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 all with the same
>> problem.
>> The lockups happends when my system/nic load is high. Im using 10 mbit /
>> half
>> duplex. The card starts working again if i do ifconfig down/up.
>> my system is a k6-2 (mvp3 chipset) and i got an adaptec 2940uw card in it
>> (but
>> no conflicts).
> I had exactly the same symtoms. eepro100 plus adaptec on 10BT net. Card
> stopd at random times and has to be up/downed. The machines offline
> at the moment (its maxtor disk makes too much noise) so I can't check.
> I was ifconfigging it up/down every day preemptively. Kernels 2.0.25-36.

Are you also on a K6-2 system?  
I found someone else on the IRC with the same problem (and a K6-2).
I also have a pentium mashine with a identical card and it works perfect (it
also has an adaptec 2040uw).
>> Cheers! Torbjörn Olander
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> Peter

// Torbjörn Olander
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