Transmit timed out

Bret Martin
Tue Feb 9 10:58:00 1999

In article <>, (Osma Ahvenlampi) writes:
> No one definitely knows why the problem occurs (if we did, someone
> could fix it, right?), but here's some data:

>From your apparent exasperation in some mail to this list, I thought
you had detailed the problem with some specificity, but that Don
(presumably most qualified to fix the problem) wasn't paying attention
to your pleas for some reason.  Apologies for my misunderstanding.

The problem occurs for me on a network without any AppleTalk at all,
and I'm not running netatalk.  Based on what's been described, I would
have expected the problem to occur at the same time on all my machines
(on a given network) with EEPro100s.  (They all get the same multicast
traffic, right?)  But it doesn't happen at the same time, and, indeed,
doesn't happen on all the machines, either.

Admittedly I haven't yet tried the latest driver, but I will be
installing that today, and can report if the problem recurs.

Don, are you out there?


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