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Bret Martin
Mon Feb 8 10:53:37 1999

In article <>, (Osma Ahvenlampi) writes:
> There's a bug in the eepro100 driver's multicast support that makes
> it crash when it receives multicast traffic. The bug might also
> affect SMP systems on a busy network in general. If the above line
> doesn't help, try setting the limit to 0 to disable the hardware
> multicast support completely.
> This is the most common FAQ regarding the driver. I wish something
> would be done about it. :/

I started having this problem recently, too (v0.99B on 2.0.35 SMP --
two machines that have been up for about five months started
displaying the problem just last week).

I searched through the mailing list archives and also looked at Don's
page (  The
"Errata and History" section seems to indicate that Don believes this
problem was fixed in v1.02, but Peter Hanecak reported the problem
with v1.06 at the beginning of this thread.

I'm going to try setting the multicast_filter_limit option and
upgrading the driver since I need to reload the module anyway, but I
don't understand why this problem just started happening for me, and
moreover, why it's only happening on a subset of machines on my
network (which all have EEPro 100 cards).

Can anyone point to particular messages from this mailing list (or
somewhere else) that definitively describe why this problem occurs,
why the workaround fixes it, and why it still happens?



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