2 eepros + erros

Robert G. Brown rgb@phy.duke.edu
Wed Feb 3 09:13:24 1999

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Gregory R. Warnes wrote:

> OK, this change removed the log messages.  However, I still get recieved
> lockups.  Now they do not get reported in the logs!
> Does anyone know how to force my two eepro's to use different interrupts?
> I'm wondering if this would help.

The PCI system sets the interrupts for the cards when the system is
initialized (before linux enters the picture at all).  About the only
way I have found to rearrange the interrupts (for 2.0.x, anyway) is to
rearrange the slot order of your PCI cards.  At least some of the time
this seems to help if you have device conflicts between two devices that
"should" share an interrupt but don't for whatever reason.

The 2.2.x kernel with IO-APIC control of the interrupts may be capable
of handling this better by now, but I don't fully understand how it

I doubt that the problem is an interrupt conflict, but one never knows.


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