eepro100.c: ftp can't upload bigger files to EBSA285 server

Gaixia Zhang
Wed Dec 15 21:06:47 1999

Hi, I have Intel eepro100 PCI card (eepro100.c:v1.09j 7/27/99)
with EBSA285 (Intel Development Board, StrongARM 110
processor, 21285 PCI controller). Ftp download from
EBSA285 server works fine, but ftp upload to EBSA285
server doesn't work. I can upload only a tiny file (<=133 bytes),
for bigger files (>133 bytes), ftp just says "open Binary mode
for ...." and then hangs,

Also I noticed ftp on EBSA to some other server doesnot
work either. An "ls" will hang ftp,

While everything works fine for 3c590 PCI card.

This is kernel 2.3.18-rmk (Russul King's patch) with D-cache
and Write Buffer off, so I don't think it is related to the cache
coherence issue of StrongARM,

Any suggestions is greatly apprecaied,

Thanks a lot,

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