eepro100 to use 100basFD.

Lane, Jim
Thu Dec 9 16:38:47 1999


I'm trying run my Linux box at 100baseFD. If I understand correctly, I need to
compile the driver and use insmod to load the module into a running kernel.  Do
I need to then put this in an rc file so when it reboots it will do this again ?

Using the existing driver in /lib/modules/2.2.5-15smp/net I get the following:

insmod eepro100.o options=0x30,0x30	# attempting to set 2 interfaces to
eepro100.o: a module named eepro100 already exists

Do I need to go to single user mode ?  Is there a more detailed source of
information to go to for instructions on how to do this  ?  Can anyone recommend
a good Linux book that may explain this in detail ? 

Thanks in advance,