Transmit timeouts with 1.06/1.09j

Rob Williams
Mon Aug 9 20:38:17 1999

> Excerpts from eepro: 9-Aug-99 Transmit timeouts with 1.06.. by Kerrin
> > The problem is that under heavy load, Ethernet stops working. These
> > messages are displayed on the console and also in /var/log/messages:
> I have been doing some work with the eepro100 on the ARM, and I see the
> same behavior under heavy load.

We are seeing the same thing, but under light load if we enable three
eepro100's (82559 based).  I have tried v1.06, v1.08, and v1.09j without
success (linux 2.2.10).

I found a comment in the mailing list archive that suggested changing
"multicast_filter_limit" to 3, but that didn't help.  I'd be interested in
hearing about anyone who is able to use three 83559 based devices in a
single box, or anyone who has been able to get around this problem.

I can generate diagnostic output if needed.