Not much more than 10mbps?

Chris Pirih
Wed Sep 30 17:44:08 1998

At 08:25 PM 09/30/1998 +0200, Gerhard Sittig wrote:
>SHOULD these protocols show such a performance ?  AFAIR I never had
>more than 450KB/s over NFS and never more than 4MB/s when using FTP.

I see 3+ MB/s reading uncached files via NFS, 5+ MB/s reading
uncached files via FTP (into /dev/null) and 8+ MB/s reading
cached files via FTP.  This is using fast-ethernet cards
(tulip and eepro100) with a crossover cable.

Reading uncached files via Samba through a fast-ethernet hub 
(not a switch, just a hub) to an NT machine, I get 4+ MB/s.

I believe I had to tweak both NFS and NT to get these data
rates, but I've forgotten the exact parameters....  OK, for
NFS I just added rsize=8192,wsize=8192 to the options field
in the client's fstab.  NT was trickier -- I had to adjust
some TCP window setting in the registry.