Not much more than 10mbps?

Wayne Wan
Wed Sep 30 09:26:58 1998

Write the file into /dev/null, ie no disk activity, 
I got very high number (don't have it off hand here)


Wayne Wan

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Subject:    Not much more than 10mbps?
Author: (Rogier Wolff)
Date: Wed Sep 30 09:26:58 1998


Someone must've seen this before.

I have two computers connected by a crossover cable, and I don't see
the expected 100mbps performance.

[tries to reproduce yesterdays results... ] Darn. Now it doesn't work
at all.

Yesterday I got ping delays of about 0.3 ms. Nice. But sometimes (say
about 20%) I got about 10ms or even 20ms. ftp would do about 1.2 to
1.7 Mb per second. Even copying a raw disk (i.e. no seeks!) didn't
give the expected performance.

Today I can't get it to work at all.

Today all three lights come on.

Hints/tips anyone?


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