Alignment errors (update)

Daniele Orlandi
Tue Sep 22 18:36:40 1998

Donald Becker wrote:
> What about netperf or ttcp while you generate a lot of PCI bus traffic?
> Perhaps reading your whole disk in the background.


Started netperf, no alignment errors...

Started copying big files from one disk to another, immediately the alignment
errors began to raise at a rate of about 200/second.
The disks are two 6 GB UDMA EIDE disks.

hdc: FUJITSU MPB3064ATU, 6187MB w/0kB Cache, CHS=13410/15/63, DMA
hdd: FUJITSU MPB3064ATU E, 6187MB w/0kB Cache, CHS=13410/15/63, DMA

> This might indicate a problem with the FIFO threshold or PCI burst length
> settings.  (The driver currently uses the recommended defaults.)

The FIFO probably has much to do with my problem:

[root@etabeta /]# cat /proc/net/dev
Inter-|   Receive                  |  Transmit
 face |packets errs drop fifo frame|packets errs drop fifo colls carrier
    lo: 242667    0    0    0    0   242667    0    0    0     0    0
  eth0:2210414    0    0    0    0  3557684    0    0 37264     0    0

All these 37000 fifo errors were generated in few minutes.

Well, what should I do now ?

(Now I'm going to try to play with my BIOS settings to see if something changes,
I'll let you know if something happens).

Thanks very much !



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