Alignment errors

Daniele Orlandi
Fri Sep 18 20:04:22 1998


I'm having a strange problem with an Intel EtherExpress Pro/100+.
I have a Linux 2.0.35, eepro driver 1.03 machine connected to a port on my
switch. Another machine is a NT 4.0 with the same NIC.

Whenever I transfer big files from the Linux machine to the NT machine, I get a
lot of alignment errors from the switch on the port connected to the Linux

This only happens working at 100mbps, either full-duplex or half-duplex and only
on the port connected to the linux machine. There are no cabling problems, I've
even exchanged the two NICs but the alignment errors keep coming from the linux

The error rate is about 3500-4000 errors every 450000 frames, not a big
percentual, but every error is a frame being dropped, with the performance
issues you may imagine.

After excluding some possibility as a failing NIC, bad cabling, bad switch port,
I think that the driver could be one of the potential problems, so, I'm asking
to you what could it be...

I'm willing to give you any further information to help you determine the source
of the problem.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best regards.


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