82558 and 10/100 autosensing hub failure

Marko Kiiskila marko@iprg.nokia.com
Tue Dec 8 19:10:45 1998

> For testing, I had a computer with known good behavior running with an 82557
> and the 1.05 eepro100 driver alone on the hub with the box being tested. On
> "good" boxes I had 0% packet loss. "Bad" boxes varied between 30% to 65% loss
> over several thousand packets. A netstat -i on "Bad" boxes showed no errors
> over than a few overruns. /proc/net didn't show any either and there were no
> unexpected error messages in syslog.
> Can anyone offer suggestions? Or is there a known problem with the 82558
> dealing with autosensing hubs?  Or specifically the Linksys hub?

The autonegotiation probably fails on one end. You are having a system
where one guy is in FD and another one is in HD. If the errors occur due
to collisions, this is reason. See from the hub console whether it is
in HD mode. 82558 should be quite good in autonegotiation, so I would
first suspect the linksys hub.

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