Problems with eepro100 driver on a SMP machine.

Donald Becker
Wed Aug 26 12:10:56 1998

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Carlos Pina Soares wrote:

>   I recently installed a linux box, where I compiled the last pre 
> 2.0.36 version with SMP support.
>   - Dual pentium II 300MHz, 440LX chipset.
>   The problem is, when I put the machine in a little stress, say for 
> instance launching netscape, or simply invoking cpio to copy things 
> from one place to another, the following message starts appearing on 
> the console and never stops, thus blocking completely the machine:
>   eth0: SMP simultaneous entry on an interrupt handler.

This is a SMP interrupt dispatch bug where the driver is called

If you are running v0.99B, update to v1.03

This updated version does not fix the SMP bug (it can't -- the real bug is
not in the driver), but it does avoid repeatedly emitting the error message.

Donald Becker
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