Problem with mass-collisions

Georg Koester
Sat Aug 22 08:34:32 1998

Hello List-Readers

Since I started using 100Mbit-cards and 10Mbit-cards(ne2000) mixed on
one hub, i always experienced this problem:
- When using ftp between a ne2k and a 100Mbit I get massive collisions
on the hub.
- When doing so under winNT: normal operation; speed 360kb
- When doing smb(both windoze and linux): massive collisions; speed 60kb
- When using nfs between two linux-boxes: no collisions; [speed about
- When using ttcp -t -s: collisions; speed 60kb
- But if i use a socketbuffer of at least -b1 I donī t get collisions. I
have a speed of 116 or so kb. A bigger sockbuf gives better

I never have these collisions when using only two ne2k(Iīm always using
only two interfaces) and never had a chance to test two 100Mbit-cards. 

So please can somebody interprete this behavior to me? Is my hub shit? I
had as 100Mbit-cards: a tulip; and currently an Intel Pro/100b. My hub
is just a simple one. Nothing special, but it worked just fine when I
tried it in a bigger network with a mixed enviroment of bnc and
tp-cables and more computers. I tried some different settings in
eepro100.c as a module, but that didnī t change anything.
Thank you very much.

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