eepro100.c and Intel Dual Pentium II N440BX motherboard

Dana Canfield
Mon Aug 17 18:30:14 1998

Does this board have a built-in Adaptec controller, and are you using an
add-on SCSI card?  My Gateway NS-7200 has two AIC-7890's which are shut
off because there is not yet a suitable driver for these controllers (it's
almost finished, though).  As a result, I'm using an add-on SCSI
controller card (Fireport 40).  For some reason, when I use this add-on
SCSI card, it causes lock-ups related to the built-in eepro100, although
none of the SCSI controllers are on the same interrupt as the ethernet

I've found the following two tidbits, which might help you:
1) Installing a non-integrated eepro100 will work (yes, the exact same
chip will work fine if it's not integrated).  Make sure to disable the
on-board ethernet first.
2) Using the (soon-to-be-released) AIC-7890 driver, you can use all the
integrated peripherals without a problem. Don't bother with the current
pre-release 7 though, as this all but corrupted my SCSI disks.  Wait for
the full release.

If you aren't in the same situation as I am, then I have no suggestions.

Akos Levay wrote:

> Hi!
> I am using Intel Dual Pentium II N440BX motherboard, which has an
> integrated  Intel EtherExpress  PRO/100+ (10/100MB) LAN controller
> with RJ-45 connector (Model Number 82558). Installing linux and having
> problem.
> If you have experience with this motherboard please share it with me.
> Thanks!
> Akos