[eepro100-bug] thinkpad t22 and 3com

Dejan Muhamedagic lutzybg@yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 16 11:56:02 2002


It turned out to be a configuration problem, i.e. I
forgot to update my iptables rules and the kernel was
blocking everything coming from the ethernet
interface.  So stupid.  Sorry.  

However, the trouble I had with the 3com Superstack
switch a few months ago was definitely an
interoperability problem.

The driver is eepro100.c:v1.09j-t 9/29/99.

Many thanks.


 --- Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com> wrote: > On Tue,
15 Oct 2002, Dejan Muhamedagic wrote:
> > The eepro in the thinkpad t22 exhibits a curious
> behaviour:  it gets
> > the address from the DHCP server, but after that
> no useful
> > communication.  The counters keep changing for
> both rx and tx, but
> > there's no IP connectivity whatsoever.  I tried to
> set it manually to
> > 100Mb HD, but that didn't help.  The leds on both
> the laptop and on
> > the 3com dual-speed hub (OfficeConnect) appear
> normal.  The kernel is
> > 2.4.18 and the distribution Debian Woody. 
> What driver version are you using?
> The driver version I distribute works fine with the
> X20 laptop which has
> board assembly 000695-001.  The only issue is that
> the 2.4 kernel
> doesn't properly provide the suspend and resume
> events, and during some
> resumes the driver takes a few seconds before
> reinitializing the NIC.
> The resume works properly with the 2.2 kernel.
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> Scyld Computing Corporation		http://www.scyld.com
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