AW: [eepro100-bug] i82559er problem

Bernd Stahlbock
Tue Oct 8 05:24:01 2002

Dear Duval,

after testing loads of embeded Pcs in combination with different network
cards, I am quite sure that most boards, that are crashing on high network
load or loosing responsiveness totally, don't have a driver problem but a
bad hardware design. Such a board won't run with any driver and, the other
way round, a good board will also run with very old drivers like eepro100
v.0.98 or something, which were delivered with Linux Kernel 2.0.36 (which I
used for years).

It seems so, that the 559er is a little bit more complicated to design in,
so that you have more 559er boards with problems on the market that e.g. 559
or 558 boards.

So, if you can't get it working, buy another motherboard (or maybe your
board likes another netcard better)

best regards

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> Betreff: Re: [eepro100-bug] i82559er problem
> Dear Sirs,
> As I told earlier, I've done some experimenting with the 82559ER board
> I received earlier today (for the record, it's an IWill UPLAN 4Ports CF).
> As expected (different PCI IDs) the venerable eepro100 version 1.05
> (which comes with the stock linux 2.0.39 kernel) does not recognize
> this board.
> Reluctant to rely on newer versions of this driver (see my own messages
> on this list, also other people's), I've patched the v1.05 to recognize
> the 82559ER PCI ID (0x1209). Apart from recognizing and initializing the
> interfaces (this board has 4 of them) perfectly, which I expected, it
> greatly amazed me to find that this driver seems to be working perfectly,
> without the problems reported by Mr. Sikka and others: