[eepro100-bug] WOL problem?

Thu Jun 6 11:39:00 2002

Sorry for my first base64 encoded mail.


I'm a newbie of eepro100 network driver and I am poor at English.
I found a bug of eepro100 driver in RedHat 7.3(2.4.18-3 kernel).
I installed RedHat 7.2(2.4.7 kernel) in a system
and I had a success in turning it on using ether-wake(a Wake on LAN
And I installed RedHat 7.3 in the system.
But I could not turn it on using WOL.
I could not find the reason. I read halt.c source and arch/i386/kernel/apm.c
before I found a key in the thread about 3c509 card and WOL in a newsgroup.
And I tried to port eepro100.c in RedHat 7.2 to RedHat 7.3

2170 line and 2187 line error : structure member conflict with RedHat 7.3
driver source
I changed RedHat 7.2 eepro100.c source and compiled eepro100 module.
I had a success.
Can you tell me about the reason?