[eepro100-bug] compaq dl360: redhat 7.1 kernel 2.4.3 lock-up bug

pierre-yves.verdon pierre-yves.verdon@wanadooportails.com
Wed Jan 9 16:19:00 2002

i was just trying to do a network install for a compaq dl360, so i have 
switch on the network boot for the eepro100...
but now once the dl360 is installed (via nfs) i get the error "Receiver 
lock-up bug exists"...."work-around activated"
since i have switch off network boot, but don't get better result.
A redhat 7.1 manual install on an other dl360 don't give this error.
what's wrong?

Could you explain me what is this bug?
Is someone have any clues to help me solve this problem?