AW: [eepro100-bug] 82559ER on eepd board

Bernd Stahlbock
Fri Aug 23 01:54:01 2002

Dear Steven,

I suffer from the same problems. I talked a lot with the EEPD people. One
thing is:
the Video Interupt is shown in the Bios message, but there is no hardware
IRQ line attached to the video controller, because modern VGA chips don't
use it. So, there is no problem with shared IRQs.

"The system runs fine with windows" is also what the EEPD (developer) people
say. So what is the difference between the windows and eepro100 driver????

My next step in this tale is to try an external card with 559 or 558 chip.
We now from other PCs that this chips seem to have less problems.

best regards
Bernd Stahlbock

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> Hi Parvan,
> I've read your mail dd 2002/08/09 on the eepro100bug list.
> I'm also using a PC104 board from eepd (Profive C3VE, Celeron 400Mhz)
> with the 82559ER. I experienced the same problem: Tx buffer timeout.
> I've tested the same driver/chip combination on another eepd board (with
> Pentium MMX 266Mhz) and it runs quite well.  The difference I saw were
> the irq's. On the Celeron board the ethernet (PCI 0, dev 10) shares an
> irq with the video driver (PCI 1 Dev 0). On the MMX board they
> had separated irq's. Unfortunatly there is no way to change the
> irq assignment,
> their bios doesn't allow it. I've read somewhere on the web, that changing
> the irq's can only be done in the bios...
> My testsw generates messages (with random-but-limited length) that are
> send back and forth between 2 pc's. I've noticed if you send small
> messages (<500bytes) things improve: during ~13hours messages were send
> and recevied succesfully.  With big messages the timeout occurs after a
> few seconds...
> I was thinking of changing the  MTU size as a workaround, but I'm
> not sure
> if this is ok. Ethernet is not really my cup of tea...
> Changing the #define PKT_BUF_S from 15365 to 536 wasn't enough,
> errors occured
> for messages >536bytes... Hints are very welcome...
> I've contacted eepd via a local reseller, but they weren't too
> cooperative: they said it worked fine for windows :(
> Cheers,
> 	Steven.
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