[eepro100-bug] Tx time out bug

Shirish Jain list@getafix.net
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 13:12:30 +1000

i had 2.2.12- (Red Hat 6.1) kernel and its been working fine with EEpro
10/100. I compiled 2.2.16 and here is the erorr i get in my Kernel logs

'eth0: transmit timed out: Status 0010 0C00 @ 262/290 command 00020000'

i tried "append= "noapic" too in '/etc/Lilo.conf then /sbin/lilo' but no

The network card doesnt share any IRQ. Funny, I boot kernet 2.2.12 and it
works fine, i boot 2.2.16 i get Tx Time Out errors.