[driver-announce] Updated: 3c59x.c v0.99Xg 11/27/2002 and vortex-diag.c v2.12

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed Nov 27 13:44:02 2002

First, an administrative note.
3Com Linux driver announcements are now done on both
mailing lists.  Both are fully moderated.

Minor updates to the driver or diagnostic program will continue to be
announced only on the vortex@scyld.com mailing list.

The updated versions are available

3c59x.c:v0.99Xg 11/27/2002

Added multicast hash filter support for the Cyclone and later chips.
  The multicast filter is an ill-considered, write-only design.
  We implement the filter bit setting by
    - assuming the largest hash table, 256 bits
    - explicitly clearing the largest table at open
    - only adding to the accept set, never deleting 
    - tracking already-set bits to minimize bus transactions
    - assume that any RxReset might have cleared the list
      (this is undocumented)

Dynamically increase the RxPriorityThresh on every a Rx FIFO overrun.
  The default value is 4*32 bytes
  We increase it by 32 bytes up to 31*32 bytes.
  If Rx FIFO overruns continue we want on each corrupted packet!

Added symbolic names for a few more registers: Window 5 and RxPriorityThresh.

vortex-diag.c:v2.12 11/27/2002

Changed the I/O size in the chip table to be accurate.
  - Vortex chips are now 32, Boomerang chips 64 bytes.
  - The early PCMCIA chips may still be inaccurate.

Added a new IS_CYCLONE bit to some of the detected chips.
Show the bus master register state when IS_CYCLONE is set.

Added symbolic names for a few window 5 registers.

Unconditionally show the station address and receive mode.

If compiled with OPTG_MULTICAST, use the -G <param> to set a multicast
filter entry.


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