[driver-announce] via-rhine.c v1.14 12/16/2002 driver test release

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Mon Dec 16 17:47:00 2002

This release is primarily to test the transmit abort recovery change.

It also includes changes to support new chips, and suggestions from
Roger Luethi.

This is a test release, and is available at

Use the Makefile in that directory, along with

The web page is at

via-rhine.c:v1.14 12/16/2002

Write the Tx ring pointer register when restarting the chip after a Tx
abort and during a Tx timeout.  The chip apparently skips the next
descriptor when multiple packets are queued.

Added new or corrected entries for these chips:
   0x3106 Rhine-III vt6105LOM
   0x3106 Rhine-III vt6105M      Duplicate with server features.
   0x3053 Rhine-III              Alternate version
Added new chip capability flags for the new features.

Conditionally use the different Tx collision count field for Rhine-2 and
Rhine-3 chips.  Controlled with new 'HasV1TxStat' capability flag.

Added UDP/TCP/IP Rx checksumming support
  Use capability flags above.
  Added symbolic names for the new Rx checksum bits in some Rhine-3 chips.

Changed the fall-back MAC address when the configuration EEPROM cannot be
read to be in the "locally administered" range:  leading 0x40:... value.

Clarified the use of PKT_BUF_SZ

Only allocate Tx alignment buffers as needed, rather than at unconditionally
at interface open.

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