[bproc]I need to help about Bproc-2.2.2.

Erik Arjan Hendriks erik@hendriks.cx
Wed, 23 May 2001 10:27:20 -0400

On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 10:44:34PM -0400, Rob Latham wrote:
> On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 09:49:49AM -0300, Orlando Rocha wrote:
> > When I did (make mods) look at:
> > $insmod vmadump.o
> > vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_write_u
> > vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_write
> > vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_read_all_u
> > vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_read_all

This is a module stacking issue.  Those are defined in ksyscall.o.

> >                .....
> > $insmod bproc_masq.o
> > bproc_masq.o: unresolved symbol bproc_next_req
> > bproc_masq.o: unresolved symbol bproc_next_req_wait
> > bproc_masq.o: unresolved symbol bproc_put_back_req
> >                 .....

Ditto... bproc.o (I think) This time.

> > $insmod bproc_ghost.o
> > bproc_ghost.o: unresolved symbol k_close
> > bproc_ghost.o: unresolved symbol bproc_send_req
> > bproc_ghost.o: unresolved symbol k_listen

Ditto... ksyscall.o and bproc.
 > > 
> > What could It be? How can I solve this problem?
> don't 'insmod' them.  or insmod them in the right order.  "modprobe
> bproc" should do the trick.
> where did you get bproc_ghost.o?  that's
> no kernel module (at least not since october bproc ).  A 'modern'
> bproc only needs ksycall, vmadump, and bproc kernel modules. 

The first cut of BProc split things up a little more.  The 2.x revs of
BProc have ghosts on the slave side as well so the ghost and masq
pieces were combined into one module.  3.x will make the dividing line
between these functions clearer again but it will probably still be a
single module since it's just not that big.  There were was no 1.x
version BProc.  (Don really wanted it to be bproc 2 to coincide with
beowulf 2 so I humored him.)

> like erik said, it sounds like you are running an *ancient* bproc.  do
> upgrade and see if things make more sense. 

Besides working on newer kernels, the newer ones are quite a bit less
broken.  If you want to just try it quickly, you can get pre-packaged
kernel and bproc RPMs from Scyld's ftp site.  Those will drop in on
top of Red Hat 6.2 very cleanly.

- Erik