[bproc]I need to help about Bproc-2.2.2.

Orlando Rocha orlandorocha@digi.com.br
Tue, 22 May 2001 09:49:49 -0300

Hello, Erik:
Thanks and Sorry, I didn't explain well, but let me say:
Bproc: 0.2.1
My kernel was compiled with as follow modules:
As per the install file:
* Step 1 - Patch your Linux kernel
  For example:
  $ cd /usr/src/linux
  $ patch -p1 < ~/bproc/patches/bproc-patch-2.2.x
  The patch provided is against linux-2.2.10.
* Configure your kernel
  Under "General Setup"
  Turn on all three:
    Beowulf Distributed Process Space Support
    Ghost Process Support
    Process ID Masquerading Support
* Rebuild your kernel
* Reboot
* Create bproc devices
  $ make devs
  This should create these 3 devices:
  crw-rw-rw-   1 root     root      10, 222 Mar 30 15:37 /dev/bproc_masq
  crw-rw-rw-   1 root     root      10, 223 Mar 30 15:37 /dev/bproc_ghost
  cr--r--r--   1 root     root      10, 224 Mar 30 15:37 /dev/bproc_iod
  (master needs ghost + iod device, slave needs masq device)
* Configure kernel modules
  Edit Makefile.conf so it agrees with your kernel configuration.  (This
  will be automated someday.)
* Build kernel modules, daemons and clients
  $ make
* Install kernel modules
  $ cd kernel
  $ make mods
When I did (make mods) look at:
$insmod vmadump.o
vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_write_u
vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_write
vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_read_all_u
vmadump.o: unresolved symbol k_read_all
$insmod bproc_masq.o
bproc_masq.o: unresolved symbol bproc_next_req
bproc_masq.o: unresolved symbol bproc_next_req_wait
bproc_masq.o: unresolved symbol bproc_put_back_req

$insmod bproc_ghost.o
bproc_ghost.o: unresolved symbol k_close
bproc_ghost.o: unresolved symbol bproc_send_req
bproc_ghost.o: unresolved symbol k_listen

What could It be? How can I solve this problem?
Thanks a lot,
Orlando Rocha

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> On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 09:19:51PM -0300, Orlando Rocha wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have beowulf's cluster with Red Hat 6.2 and Kernel 2.3.17-33.
> > Does anybody know any documentation about bproc-2.2.2? Where can I look
for it?
> The best documentation out there right now is at:
> http://bproc.sourceforge.net
> The documentation there is still somewhat rudimentary but it's the
> best that there is.  There are links to download all the BProc
> tarballs and the preferred (fast) mailing list there too.
> As far as working on Red Hat 6.2 is concerned, you will probably have
> to start with a clean linux kernel source tree.  The source trees that
> Red Hat distributes are quite heavily patched and my patches are not
> likely to work on them without some (significant?) modification.
> > Who tried to install the bproc-0.2.1? I installed it, but I couldn't
> > run it, because the modules vmadump.o, bproc_ghost.o and
> > bproc_masq.o have problems in their font code. Who could help me?
> Font code?  There's nothing invovling fonts in there... Anyway, bproc
> 0.2.1 is ancient, I only hang on to it for historical reasons.  It
> probably won't even work correctly on top of linux 2.2.17.  2.2.2 is
> definitely the way to go.
> - Erik