BPROC 0.1.0

Erik Arjan Hendriks hendriks@cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Jun 17 12:15:06 1999

I've posted the next version of bproc (0.1.0) in the usual places:


Here's the changelog for this release:

Changes from 0.0.3 to 0.1.0

	* Sparc32 support added to VMADump.  (The rest of bproc is still
	x86-only but that should change soon.)
	* Updated "dumpcheck" program so that it agrees with VMADump on
	the output format.
	* Fixed typo that caused slave nodes to crash when children of PID
	masqueraded processes exited.

	* Added support (not highly tested) for process group and session
	ID operations.  This allows job control to work on remote jobs
	(i.e. ctrl-z, bg, fg)
	* Fixed wait behavior: Local parent processes with remote children
	can now wait() on children and wake up when the child is stopped.
	(Previously would only work when the child exited.)

	* Moved signal delivery into the kernel.
	* Master and slave daemons cleaned up some more.  Still not very
	nice though.

	* libbproc updated, dynamic version available.  Also, can now "make
	install" to install as a proper library.  (#include <sys/bproc.h>
	and -lbproc)

- Erik
Erik Hendriks