[Beowulf] And wearing another hat ...

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Tue Oct 31 18:28:25 UTC 2023


Back in July, I stepped into the Managing Editor role at HPCwire.
I'm covering for a staff sabbatical, and I will be in place through
December, including attending SC23.

A few things:

1. As ME, I am interested in what types of topics you would like to see
covered on HPCwire (even if you don't read it)

2. Also, if you have something you think is particularly interesting
at SC23 (yours or someone else's), let me know.

As you can imagine, HPCwire sits (or stands or gets knocked down)
directly in the HPC information fire-hose. I'm interested in HPC
efforts, projects, and ideas that may not make it into the fire hose
stream or may get missed.

I hope to see you at SC23 (I will be wearing a blazer
sometimes!). Not on Monday night at the Bash, though. I believe
there is some T-shirt or wardrobe planned.


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