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H. Vidal, Jr. hvidal at tesseract-tech.com
Sat Feb 26 13:10:46 UTC 2022

Is Don on the list any more?


On 2/25/22 16:59, Douglas Eadline wrote:
> Here is an over simplification
>    Thomas managed the project
>    Jim provided the funds
>    Don was the main engineer who made it happen
> <snark)
> It would be great if someone made a short documentary video
> with interviews from the key players. Oh wait,
>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-epcSlAFvI
> </snark>
> --
> Doug
>> Thanks for sharing. Is anyone else disappointed to not see Don Becker on
>> that list? I don't mean to rain on Jim Fischer,'s parade, or his
>> contribution to the project - I know nothing about him or his role in
>> the project. When I ever I hear someone talk about the first Beowulf
>> cluster, the two names I always hear mentioned are Thomas Sterling and
>> Don Becker, and they've been singled out as the creators of Beowulf many
>> times (at the BeoBash on the 25th anniversary of Beowulf, for example).
>> I've never heard of Jim Fischer before.
>> Prentice
>> On 2/25/22 8:00 AM, Michael DiDomenico wrote:
>>> in case you missed it, apparently beowulf computing is being inducted
>>> into the space technologies hall of fame.  in other news apparently
>>> there's a space technologies hall of fame...
>>> https://www.hpcwire.com/off-the-wire/beowulf-computing-cluster-will-be-inducted-into-the-space-technologies-hall-of-fame
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