[Beowulf] The xeon phi

Darren Wise darren at wisecorp.co.uk
Fri Jan 1 12:11:10 UTC 2021

Just as an added extra with regards to the PCIe card, please be wary on purchase both active-cooled and passive-cooled exist, I purchased passive for enterprise rack usage but also within a workstation cooled using a blower fan. I preferred the interchangeable notion where as some might not.

Seeking a native socketed Phi variant at present along with some INTEL Itanium to mix with some SPARC64 and X86_64 within the rack.

INTEL XEON Phi is cool!

*Happy new year folks :)

Kind regards,
Darren Wise


On 31 December 2020 05:50:02 GMT, Jonathan Engwall <engwalljonathanthereal at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hello Beowulf,
>Both the Xeon Phi and Tesla Grid cost so little on ebay right now, the
>precious metal inside may be worth more.
>If you want one for your self, now is the time. People do scrap these
>I had to buy one! The Xeon Phi looks so neat!
>Jonathan Engwall

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