[Beowulf] Illegal instruction (signal 4)

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Mar 24 22:32:58 PDT 2020

On 24/3/20 7:55 pm, Jonathan Engwall wrote:

> Building it was not a problem, it install a binary in /usr/local/bin, 
> mpich makes a handshake...then I see Illegal instruction (signal 4).

That usually means the application is trying to execute an instruction 
that's not supported on your CPU.  I don't know if the BSD's overload 
that in any way, but I'd be surprised if they did.

I've not touched the *BSD's since the 90's, so I don't think there's 
much useful advice I could offer other than to try their mailing lists 
(unless someone here has better ideas).

Which BSD are you using?

All the best,
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