[Beowulf] experience with HPC running on OpenStack

m.somers at chem.leidenuniv.nl m.somers at chem.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Jul 9 00:42:10 PDT 2020


i suggest you not only look at the flexibility / complexity regarding
administrating a cluster with OpenStack [there are also many other tools
for that] but also *actually benchmark* with a parallel (threaded) code
you know well and check the strong scaling via Amdhal's law by making some
speedup graphs on VMs and baremetal. You might actually be throwing away a
lot of raw cpu power for *real* HPC codes by doing things on VMs. Serial
on VMs != parallel on VMs: It all depends on your codes and the VM details


P.S. in the paper above, the mentioned floating point micro benchmarks are
'trivially parallel': all cores work independently without any
communication and do not share a single bigger workload. This is certainly
not the case for actual HPC codes and these will not show such linearly
perfect scaling neither on VMs, nor on bare metal.

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