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Subject: [EXTERNAL] 16th International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP 2020)

Dear TACC User,

TACC is hosting the 16th International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP 2020), and its Tutorial Day.  Learn and hear from the experts about parallel computing and offloading to GPUs with OpenMP, in an age of HPC manycore and heterogeneous computing.  The conference is completely virtual. Also, the cost is minimal, to pay for proceedings and T-shirts.

             16th International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP 2020)

                   Update: Virtual, and Date Changes

                   Sept 21    Tutorial        (1 7hr-day )
                   Sept 22-24 IWOMP Technical (3 6hr-days)

                   Check out the program at iwomp2020.org.

                   Sept 5, Early Bird registration ends.

Change in Call for Participation:
  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic WE HAVE MOVED THE DATES AND TIMES, and
  the conference is TOTALLY VIRTUAL and will be presented through Zoom.
  The good news is that we have a full program, thanks to the efforts
  of the OpenMP Community.

IWOMP Technical Sessions:
  This year's program includes topics in performance, memory (NUMA and
  management), heterogeneous computing, applications, OpenMP extensions,
  and tools (and other topics).

  There will be 21 peer-reviewed paper presentations, 3 keynote speakers
  (Jack Dongarra of U. of Tenn. / ORNL, Eric Stotzer of Mythic, and Mark
  Papermaster of AMD), and 3 sponsor tech talks. Each attendee will
  receive a hard-copy of the proceedings and an IWOMP T-shirt. The
  6-hr day program is scheduled to accommodate European attendance.

         IWOMP Tech: 8AM-2PM CDT (3PM-9PM CEST Europe)

Tutorial Sessions (separate registration):
  OpenMP tutorials (3 sessions 1-day) describe the Common Core, Advanced
  features, and Offloading (to GPUs).  The common thread throughout is a
  focus on those features that have proven important to applications.
  See what's available today, also what is coming next and what will be
  available in the exascale time frame (2021). (T-shirt optional)

         Tutorial:   8AM-3PM CDT (3PM-10PM CEST Europe)

FYI: OpenMP 5.1 specification is scheduled for release at SC’20.

Chris Hempel

Texas Advanced Computing Center, 10100 Burnet Road, Building 196 (R8700), Austin, TX 78758


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