[Beowulf] [External] CentOS 8 with OpenHPC 1.3.9 available on Qlustar

Roland Fehrenbacher rf at q-leap.de
Mon Apr 20 03:11:40 PDT 2020

>>>>> "C" == Christopher Samuel <chris at csamuel.org> writes:

    C> Just a heads up that Slurm 18.08 is no longer supported, 20.02 is
    C> the current release and 19.05 is now only getting security fixes
    C> from what I've read on the Slurm list (though some fixes have
    C> gone into their git repo which I've cherry picked some of for our
    C> own internal builds).

Yep, you're right. For Qlustar that problem is mitigated by the fact
that we build our own slurm packages and backport possible security
fixes to the versions that we support (aka Debian style). Anyway Qlustar
12 should be out sometime later this year with Slurm 20.2. Given that
Qlustar 11 will live for another 3 years, it's very likely that we will
move Slurm to 20.2 there too.

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