[Beowulf] CentOS 8 with OpenHPC 1.3.9 available on Qlustar

Roland Fehrenbacher rf at q-leap.de
Fri Apr 17 07:35:43 PDT 2020

Hi all,

CentOS 8 support is now available as a third Qlustar edge-platform and
was published together with the latest security updates. It comes with
the same functionality as our CentOS 7 port which includes out of the
box OpenHPC 1.3.9 integration, Slurm 18.10.x, up-to-date Nvidia 340.x
drivers, Lustre client and BeeGFS client. See
https://qlustar.com/news/centos-8-support-has-arrived for more

With this addition you now have the option to smoothly update your nodes
to CentOS 8 within hours and/or have a CentOS 7/8 mixture for a transition
phase. Once OpenHPC 2.0 will be ready, there will be an easy upgrade
path to it. 



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