[Beowulf] mellanox and rhel 7.7

Darren Wise darren at wisecorp.co.uk
Fri Sep 6 15:42:38 PDT 2019

Shudda put me specs on too, just noticed the auto-correct word placement errors, flipping androids eh.. Need to turn that thing off lol two/52u chatsworths & newer/beat versions.

Sorry, I've been to specsavers though just was not wearing me boggle-goggles.

On 6 September 2019 23:12:10 BST, Darren Wise <darren at wisecorp.co.uk> wrote:
>What sort of mellanox hardware are you running, just out of interest? 
>I'm using an 36 port mellanox voltaire 4036 grid director along with
>dual port 40GBPS SUN cards, when I get around to it as I'm a little
>over worked at present but have reinstalled everything and upgraded the
>firmware to the highest possible, I'll see if I can IPoIB which I know
>they support just fine but as I have two IB ports utilised in each
>node, card I'm going to try bonding mode 6? Balance-alb which I'm sure
>could really help IP based traffic.
>Trying to get hold of a duplicate for my other 42u rack as well while
>this one will stay in my two  chatsworths global frame.. Really nice
>switches, love the CLI interface too, no messing about!!
>I'm using CentOs7 so have no clue about beat versions and such coming
>about, sorry :(
>-i'd love to hear more about the mellanox kit and usage you compute,
>network for.
>Kind regards
>Darren Wise
>On 6 September 2019 21:17:06 BST, Oxedions <oxedions at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>For what I could get: Beta versions should be available for partners
>>Monday (was originally expected this Friday), and GA version not
>>least 2 weeks.
>>Hope this helps
>>With my best regards
>>Le jeu. 5 sept. 2019 à 16:25, Michael Di Domenico
>><mdidomenico4 at gmail.com>
>>a écrit :
>>> i don't have contacts with mellanox at the moment, but does anyone
>>> have an inkling as to when the mellanox software stack will get
>>> released for redhat 7.7?
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